Book Review: Gravity Comics Massacre

Sometimes, somebody says something and you go, AHA! You are changed. That just happened to me, and it was thanks to Vincenzo Bilof‘s book GRAVITY COMICS MASSACRE.

cover for gravity comics massacre


A strange expedition into the insanity of art, Gravity Comics Massacre does away with the traditional dialectic of reality vs. dreams and instead fuses them into a raw nightmarish tale about the true sacrifice an artist makes to a higher power to create their masterpiece.

Art breaks with reality. A true artist is broken. They are insane or they are dreaming. To truly understand art you need to be an alien and visit the artist’s world, you need to understand their fears, their nightmares, their dreams and fantasies.

Those are just some of the ideas I got from reading this book.

The pace is blistering, the prose tight, the characters… well mostly they’re buttholes, and they deserve whatever nightmare they end up in. Vincenzo’s book could probably be categorised as schizophrenic, where paranoia, hallucination and unchecked imagination all interplay to create a plot as crazy as it is genius.

Don’t go into this expecting to make sense of it immediately. Art transcends sense, it transcends the individual even. And this is art. Oh yes, this is sublime art.


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