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All Art Is Junk

All Art is Junk jacket

All Art is Junk, Bizarro Pulp Press 2013
Cover by Matthew Revert

Praise for ALL ART IS JUNK:

“Harris brings this world to life as if he were painting the pages rather than writing them”

– Vincenzo Bilof, author of Gravity Comics Massacre

It’s a novel about loss and identity. It’s about robot dragons and writhing sky-high human-body totems. I like what it did to me.

– G. Arthur Brown, author of Kitten

Cyborgs! Evil art installations! Art theory! Well, not so much art theory, but plenty of violent, intense, often dense (not in a bad way, like Heart of Darkness dense) bizarro prose.

– M. P. Johnson, author of The After-life Story of Pork Knuckles Malone


Apparatus of Capture

cover of Apparatus of Capture

Apparatus of Capture, Dynatox Ministries 2013
Cover by Thom Harris

Praise for R. A. Harris:

R. A. Harris has a talent for writing sexy gross stuff

– Jordan Krall, author of Your Cities, Your Tombs

[R. A. Harris] is one of the most original up-and-coming voices out of England.

– G. Arthur Brown, author of Kitten


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