Who writes this shit?

My name is Rob Harris, I  tend to write bizarre fiction, weird tales, and absurd stories.

Perhaps it’s premature to list influences, but if there’s one thing I am, it’s premature.

Influences and inspirations, in no particular order, include, but are in no way limited to:

Giles Deleuze; David Cronenberg; Takeshii Miike; Bohren & Der Club of Gore; Yoshihiro Nishimura; Felix Guattari; Freidrich Nietzsche; Haruki Murakami; Barry Malzberg David Lynch; Angelo Badalementi; GY!BE; Mono; Philip K. Dick; Jordan Krall; Cameron Pierce; D Harlan Wilson;


Check out my book page to find out about my… books!


One comment

  1. davidsearle007


    I am a fucking weirdo – and i know where you live…

    Actually I don’t have a fucking clue where you live… but i am weird…

    I run an outlandish bizarro publishing company – its tiny at the moment.

    I need two things which maybe you’d be willing to help me with – I need new weirdo writers and good book reviews

    I see that you do both reviews and write weird shit – I love weird shit…. yum yum…

    I won’t waste anymore of your time cos i know you’ve got animals to hurt so I’ll give you a little link to my fascinating website


    If you can be bothered and go there and like the vibe please contact me and maybe we can help each other out a bit (not necessarly in a sexual way) – like i said I need really stoopid ridiculous writers to create the most outlandish, shocking books ever – and i need highly intelligent reviewers who understand the fun to be had at the outlandish edges of fiction.

    Get a fucking move on you lazyass!!

    All my love

    Dennis CockWidth

    aka David James Searle
    Founder & Author
    JazzClaw Books

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