Skurvy Ink Shirt, All Art is Junk, New Author interviews coming soon!

After what must seem like an eon in your pathetically dull lives, Leaky Libido returns with another dose of hearty fun delivered straight from the teat of my mind.

Actually, it’s just a series of statements regarding developments. However, I spice things up a little by including an image of a cat, and mentioning the word orgasm, twice! Onto the news!

1. I will be posting new author interviews very soon. It turns out that there actually are secret agents who go by the name “surname, name surname”, and they do attempt to thwart evil attempts at world domination. I met a couple in the last few weeks and had to spend a little time in detention, at her majesty’s pleasure – which, as it turns out, was also at my pleasure too (but that is a tale for another time!).

2. I wrote a surreal chapbook that was published by Dynatox Ministries (and yes, there are some copies left!). It features awesome artwork the aesthetic thud hammer, T. W. Harris. Sam McCanna at the fabulous Skurvy Ink has slapped it on a t-shirt:

T-shirt design featuring artwork by Thom Harris

9 out of 819 women asked said that a ball of tube/worms on a t-shirt would make them more likely to have sex with the man wearing it. 100% of men asked said that it would not affect their feelings of attraction towards a woman if she was wearing it. They would however, be more inclined to have sex with a man who was wearing it. We did some calculations, that makes this t-shirt ‘sexy’.

3. I also wrote another book called “All Art is Junk” and apparently you suckers aren’t buying it in droves like you should be. I put at least 8% of my heart and soul into that mother, and so if you’d do me the honour of purchasing a copy, I guarantee you orgasm after orgasm until you die.

All Art is Junk jacket

It features a fucking cat, what more do you people want? Design by the talented Mr. Matthew Revert

Bizarro Pulp Press didn’t publish it so you could look at it, gawk and then reject it based on the title alone. They published it because it’s brilliant. Here’s what somebody who read it had to say (they chose to remain anonymous due to not wanting to be named):

R. A. Harris wrote this book called All Art is Junk. Thankfully, his book is so unartistic, as to be pornographic, that the title is not self-defamatory. Judging from this book,  all art is junk, if it’s made by somebody like R. A. Harris, who obviously thinks the world shines out of his arse.

Now, if that isn’t a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is. You can buy it at Amazon, or the UK site.

Stay sexy, slavish fans!


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