Author Interview: J W Wargo

It’s time for the next stage in my master plan for global domination through engineering discontent amongst the populace by spreading disinformation and propaganda about some of my favourite new authors.

This week I have the pleasure of perverting the words of the great J W Wargo, perhaps the greatest psychoanalyst turned nomadic Bizarro author of our century, towards my ambitious scheme.

J W Wargo

Erroneously thought to be the single most important picture uploaded to the internet, this image of J W Wargo has been the object of intense staring and manic stroking by some 10 million viewers to date.

Behold, the interview begins!

LeakyLibido: First of all, it’s a real pleasure to have you here in my lair, J W Wargo. I’m just going to give you this special treatment that will allow you to freely divulge sensitive information that would otherwise be completely repressed, expressing itself in your habit of coldcocking strangers and purposefully stopping your heart. Could you please inform us as to what kind of place you existed in before you arrived here, and also, what the hell you are about?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: I am a Bizarro Nomadic Storyteller, which is a fancy way of saying I hitchhike around the world and say fucked up things on sidewalks in city centers for coins.

Born in Boise, Idaho. I have also had residences in Portland, Oregon, Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Honolulu, Hawaii.

At my core, I am a neophile obsessed with the future and newness in general. I live for what’s around the next corner. I find everything I perceive to be fascinating and absurd, and I make up my own mind as I go. I seek a happy death.

LeakyLibido: That sounds really exciting, seeing the world, meeting so many people, exploring new ideas. You’re a lucky unconscious to be carried around by Wargo. I hope you’re grateful.

You say you’re into new things, what new things are you up to at the moment?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: I recently became a contributor to the print magazine Imperial Youth Review’s blog. I am working on some pieces, both fiction and nonfiction, for it. I have a write-up planned of my time spent recently in southern Mexico for my own blog in the near future. I also have some short stories I began last year that I would like to finish at some point. Currently, I’m promoting my first book, the novella Avoiding Mortimer, published under the New Bizarro Author Series by Eraserhead Press. Over the winter I recorded and mixed an audiobook of it and am giving it away free all February long to anyone who reviews/and or licks my book. Details can be found on my blog.

Avoiding Mortimer

A bizarro adventure story about life, the afterlife, the after-afterlife, and avoiding it all-especially the parts like working as an aglet-biter, or drinking shots of Holy Fuck.

LeakyLibido: I read your story, Avoiding Mortimer. It features anxiety and existential angst quite prominently. It is often said of writers that they are socially awkward. You don’t seem to have this issue, and yet are a writer. This discombobulates me. What made you want to be a writer?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: As a child, I was already very observant. I grew up in a strict Roman Catholic household and at church on Sunday’s I wasn’t allowed to bring toys or nonreligious books with me, but I was allowed a pen and a notepad. Every week I would take notes and attempt to record everything that was going on around me. What the other people were doing and what the priest was saying. It stuck. I wrote my first short story at age 6, about a boy who finds a magic lamp and has the genie inside turn his toy jet into a real one. I’ve been making up shit and writing it down ever since.

LeakyLibido: So you’ve been writing for some time now. What draws you to write Bizarro fiction?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: It feels like home. I read a Bizarro book and I’m not alone. I’m reminded that someone else out there thinks the same silly things I do. I want to curl up in my fellow author’s brains and take long naps.

LeakyLibido: That’s gross. But to be expected from an Unconscious, I suppose, so I forgive you. In fact, which authors’ heads would you most like to sleep inside (living or dead, imagine the dead ones are alive because why would you want to sleep in a dusty skull rather than a warm squishy brain mush)?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: Three come to mind immediately: Douglas Adams was a huge influence on my writing as a kid. I can’t get enough of satire and no matter what I’m writing, a little bit of social commentary tends to bleed through. Friedrich Nietzsche, but more for his writing style and word play than his philosophies. Robert Anton Wilson, for his philosophies and his ability to communicate anything.

LeakyLibido: Quite a night you’d have in their heads! Is there anything else you’d like to take a nap inside, for inspiration of course?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: Music. I had 4 years of classical piano lessons and am self taught on the bass, guitar and drum. Oftentimes I find it easier to speak in sounds than words. I never have trouble finding the right note to express myself. Wish it were as easy with getting the right meaning out of a word.

Exploration as well. Always the curious sort. I had the foothills to the north of my house mapped out quickly. I knew all the trails, all the secrets and hiding spots, and all the best viewing points. These days I walk/hitch/bus/fly around and try to capture it all in my head. I’ve logged over 75,000 miles traveling in the last four years alone and I have no plans of slowing down.

LeakyLibido: Music, a wonderful thing. Is there any music you prefer to listen to whilst writing?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: I find it difficult to write and listen to music at the same time as I’m an active, rather than passive, listener. If  I listen to anything while I write it’s instrumental, but usually if I get into the story I’m working on the music gets drowned out by my thoughts. During bits of writing Avoiding Mortimer I listened to the music of Wisp, Prefuse 73, and Haywyre.LeakyLibido: You’re a pretty positive guy. Is there anything in the world you hate?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: Lack of free, worldwide wireless internet access.

LeakyLibido: And anything you love?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: Wonka Runts candy.

LeakyLibido: You’re a philosophical one, aren’t you? Sum up your philosophy of life in 5 words.

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: I believe in the experience.

LeakyLibido: And finally, the most important question in regards to my plan for global dominance, how do you take your coffee?

J W Wargo’s Unconscious: Instant, strong. Light cream, no sugar. One cup, maybe two. Rarely after 3pm, long night exceptions.

LeakyLibido: Excellent. It has been a real pleasure working your brain sac this evening. I feel I’ve extracted all the necessary nutrients to aid me in my quest. Your purpose is served. You are free to go.

J W Wargo: Er, what happened?

Actually, never mind. I really enjoyed myself, whatever happened must have been awesome. Thank you LeakyLibido, G. Arthur Brown was absolutely right, you are the best blog in town, by far. I am never going to travel again. I want to live here between your brain rolls forever.

LeakyLibido: You’re too kind, sir, too kind. But really, you must be off. I have other authors to interrogate. Besides, you have work to do.

J W Wargo: If you insist. I will spread word about your excellence across the globe!

LeakyLibido: Farewell, sweet nomadic poet!


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