It’s “A Town Called Suckhole by David W Barbee”‘s birthday, and to celebrate David has prepared a special version of the book including a signature (his own no less!) and other cool stuff.
The book is “the weirdest southern gothic mudpunk detective story ever told”, which is just about as good a sales pitch as you can hope to read through your beady little sight holes.

David W Barbee

That’s right, Don Cheadle.  Somebody DID say deal.  Only it’s not stereos… we’re talking something way cooler.  It’s what the kids are into these days: weird books full of robots and genitals.

For the one-year anniversary of A Town Called Suckhole‘s release, I’m celebrating by giving readers a deal so good it’s stupid.  I’m proud of this little slice of sci-billy schizophrenia and how well it’s done this past year, so from now until September 15th I’m offering a signed and personalized copy directly from me!  Plus other cool stuff!  Like comics!  Trading cards!  Artwork!  And one of four original bookplates displaying the glorious heritage of everyone’s favorite bucktooth cyberpunk society!

So, to be upfront: it costs $13.00.  That’s about what you’d pay in shipping and handling anyway, except this way your book is customized by me and includes a ton of cool free stuff.  As a thrifty…

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