Review of: Squid Pulp Blues by Jordan Krall

cover for Squid Pulp Blues by Jordan Krall

Jordan Krall has written a fun bizarro book here.

Featuring memorable characters, fun plots (if a little predictable at points) and solid writing, I’m glad that I finally sat down and gave this book the attention that it richly deserves.

Mixing pulp noir with splatterpunk horror and sprinkling the batter with some sex fetishes and weird shit, oh yeah, and squid, Krall weaves a world across three novellas that really comes alive.

From the seedy motel setting and foot-loving antagonist of the first story, through the disfigured war vets known as “the longheads” going crazy in the second (not to mention the truly bizarre antagonist!), right up to the typical pulpy noir concept of mistaken identities and secret photos in envelopes in the last story, Krall really does well to give the town of Thompson and its messed up residents a visceral feel.

Drugs made from squids, those disfigured war vets, and some of the other characters too, as well as *that* donkey, all make appearances throughout the stories that serve to tie them together that little bit tighter, and help with creating the world seem that much more real.

Definitely recommend giving this book a read, even if you think “that’s not my usual cup of tea”, because it is so fun that you will probably come away completely converted to the worship of Little Bing Bong, the apocalypse donkey… I wonder, what does stroking a donkey that has rammed it’s head through a person feel like? Probably life-changing.

Link to book on amazon here: Squid Pulp Blues  (also available on kindle)

Jordan Krall’s blog:


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