Review of: Love In The Time Of The Dinosaurs by Kirsten Alene

What’s not to like in a book where Monks use ray guns that shoot plastic mold to fight against Dinosaurs (collectively called Jeremy, did the author have a bad break up?): tyrannosaurus with shotguns, stegosaurus with rocket launchers and pterodactyls with samurai swords?!

At just over seventy pages, its plot is perfectly paced. Kirsten never loses sight of the story, always adding layers to the events unfolding that add to the drama and never smother it. Whether it’s contextualising the story using a concise flash back device that never feels cliched, or exploring the confusing, floaty feeling of falling in love with the “wrong type” of person through surreal dreams, Kirsten crafts a tale that is in equal parts ridiculous, hilarious, emotionally engaging, and down right violent.

A quirky, wonderfully imaginative and well written, inter-species love tale, Love In The Time Of Dinosaurs is one of those really fun books that makes you smile at other people’s misfortune of losing a limb or two, and hold your head in woe at the folly of it all.

Also, there’s hilarious gore!

Kirsten Alene has written an awesome first novel here, and she should be proud. I hope to see more from her in the future.
Go buy this book and support her in her quest!

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