Dear diary,

It has come to my attention that I didn’t do a few things as well as I could have when I made everything. I’ve decided to make a short list outlining some of the mistakes I did.

  1. The stars are too hot. I don’t know why I decided to make it so stars had to be so hot. I think I must have made some fire and gotten excited and, well, you know the rest. While I’m at it, they’re too big too. I wanted a sense of grandeur about the place, but…
  2. The stars are too far away. I guess as a corollary of the size of the stars I had to make them far away from each other, because otherwise they would fall into each other (what was I thinking when I made gravity?). I think I may have over estimated the size of space necessary for life to exist. Turns out I only needed to make one planet. Now they look like tacky bits of glitter stuck to black card and it totally ruins the effect.
  3. Too many stars and planets.As I said above, I wasted a lot of stuff on stars and planets that don’t even do anything. They don’t even look pretty. Just tacky.
  4. Planet not big enough. I hadn’t planned ahead very well. Turns out that even though I only needed one planet after all that fluffing about, I went and made it too small for the amount of life it could create!
  5. Arseholes In both senses. I guess I was having an off day. I must remember in future endeavours not to bring my bad vibes to work with me.



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